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Developer preview is the twelfth video on Minecraft Alpha 1.0.16 Versions YouTube channel.


"You guys will not believe what I found."

"[image] This is a hard drive from one of our development PCs. I'm still browsing through everything on it, but for now there's something I want to show you"

"He [0] wanted to pitch the changes to them [Mojang], so he made us create a preview version, and that's what I found the source code of. Best part? It has no personal details and is not linked to anyone, which means we can post it for everyone to download and try."

"The file modified date is showing up as 2021 because I had to recompile the entire thing from scratch" "Now, don't expect much. This isn't a proper jar like the one ORBL found, and because this is a preview, it only has ~25% of the features that were in the final build."

"As for this video, I think it's a screen recording of one of us practicing for the "live presentation". I don't remember much more, sorry."

"We normally had to use a modified launcher, but it seems to run fine under modern MultiMC. To run it, you'll need to make a new instance of any alpha version, then in its configuration click "Replace Minecraft.jar" and select this one."



  • The title screen changed
  • The player only has 40 minutes to play.
  • They're running it in a virtual machine because of the weird mouse movement.
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