The Dev Raid Incident

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On October 8, 2022, five strange accounts were spotted in RetroGamingNow's Discord server that started posting information about 16.05 development and Alpha R4. This event was later called the Dev Raid Incident.


Sighting summary

All their messages used Base64 encoding. They used some kind of a template for very message:

  • starting data print ... data print done returning
  • printing data set
  • printing direct message
  • printing reply
  • callback protocol : true
  • returning to inactive.
  • Connected
  • Message accept protocol: true

Standard, direct messages and data prints

  11. I have access to repositories with many worlds in them. it was a big pain but i have most of them.
  12. I need to go now,My other coleague has just arrived here. feel free to see what he has to say. Its good to see you plural.
  15. more questions?
  16. I wish i had enough money now to buy atomic heart when it comes out.
  17. For a while,me and 0 formed a wierd friendship. we would talk a lot,considering how stubborn he was. Good times. do you have more questions about 0 ?
  18. im leaving for now,if you have more questions,be sure to send the bot a Dm. Have a good one,hope this was a fun experience. btw,This fajjet guy drives me nuts lol.Cheers!

On October 9th, several new messages were posted:

  1. You look like the bot im using right now.
  2. I modified this thing a bit a few mins ago. if you see changes in prompts its to be expected. half of this is just duct tape and elbow grease.
  3. Im trying to get into contact with 0 again. i found his old number in a box i kept around.
  4. "im not really a true dev,i was only a freelancer for a few months,however,i think you could call me 7"
  5. 2 would always say im "the lucky 7" because 0 wasnt as harsh on me as he was with others.
  6. why is this guy pretending to be something he clearly is not. you are funny faceless one.
new data set sent from (//////////)
data set incorporated (//////////)
printing reply to (/////////)
printing data sets to (////////)
starting new data set Cl_0
*new data set sent from (//////////)
receptor cannot be reached
sender cannot be reached
line 8 cannot be reached
cmd_3_d cannot be reached
line 7 cannot be reached
35 other sections cannot be reached
printing error log
following protocol_4
starting Indefinite standby


  • Are you a dev?
    • Freelance. Its been some time sadly. Connection through this is hard.
  • are you candela
    • I dont know anyone named candela.
  • hamburger, cheeseburger or big mac whopper? (crucial information)
    • i never had any of those foods.
  • Can you provide proof of being a dev if you're one?
  • What actualy Happened to dev2? (Besides turning into a nebula)
    • The main team was very distant with me,i really didint get to know them pretty well,they always seemed so drained. However,i did get to interact with 2,he was a good man,a very good one. sadly i dont know what happened to him,i left the team shortly after a dispute with 0.
    • 0 hired me as a freelance sfx designer,good pay at the time. the others would send requests,0 would put them on a list and from then i would work on what sounds were needed.
  • So you were making sounds for the game like [5]
    • 5 did most of the work for a while,for a few months i took over,we even collaborated on a piece of music.
  • I am still very confused on 54%.
    • i dont know myself,i never saw this screen from any of the guys.
  • Do you still contact with dev0?
    • We only talked once back in 2018.
  • Do you know what is fjord mean?
    • no.
  • Ok so were you given a number when you took over for those few months?
    • 0 did not want to give me a number.This is because i was working only as a freelancer. i wanted to fit in better with the team so i slowly began calling myself 7. 2 supported this,alongside 5 and 3. However,the others did not,this caused my dispute with 0. so my contract got cut short from 6 months to only 3.
  • Do you know dev8 or dev9?
    • there was never a 8 or 9. from what i know,i was the last "developer".
  • Ok but for real this is turning into a Q&A and since you are a dev [7] to be precise this is the 14th sighting right? And why are you sending stuff like a console so like MS-DOS Cmd ect?
    • i learned coding a while ago,in one of our repositories i found this bot thing that was mostly incomplete. from what i could tell it was going to be used as a way to send data to something. so i modified it a bit to make it compatible with this.
  • How do you got all of these screenshot when the rules clearly said do not post video or image outside QA players.
    • Development repositories. Though some other files were taken via the player screenshot program. it would constantly send screenshots to 0 of the players game as a way to check on things.
  • i do believe this is in fact a gamejacker at this point
  • that kinda looks like a medkit
    • My favorite sfx has to be the Hl2 medkit pickup.
  • does dev0 drink lean in his spare time
    • 0 really loved tea. even a guy as stubborn like him would soft up just barely if given tea.
  • Are you On Crack Cocaine good sir
    • I used to be back in my early 20's. ive been clear ever since 2010.
  • does dev0 drink lean in his spare time
    • no,he just wasnt a fan of sodas or alchoholic beaverages....for a time that is.
  • AreyourealAreyourealAreyourealAreyourealAreyourealAreyourealAreyourealAreyoureal
  • do you prefer python or java (plaease odnt say python)
    • java :)
  • you forgot my question:[ i asked what the dev teams drink preferences were
    • i dont know much. 0 is a big fan of tea. i think 6 liked Monster. 1 was a absolute coffee sipper. idk about the rest.
  • im gonna set up a donation website dont you worry about it
    • dont do it! im reaching out to someone for a job as of now ;)
  • Any more jars after the R4 one?
    • we were not even at the half mark of everything that was planned. ive been spying on the others,in their server,without knowing. theres too much to see!
      Answer: wonderfull. Great hob,Me and 6 worked on a map with a big tree like this once.
  • what games did 0 like playing
    • He was a fan of tabletop Warhammer 40k aside from that he mostly played card games like poker or caravan.
  • can you give me a build suggestion for my lilypad world so far we have the wise tree, amoung us, giant enemy spider and the word feet
    • How about a cup filled with tea ?
    • "One of my little cousins loves this game,in all honesty i do not. Fnf mods and that fanbase is a blight on society."
  • who is the most sane person and the most insane here that you have spoken to?
    • <ShimmeringStars#8024' profile picture>

Plain images

Imgur images


Sighting summary

All their messages were encoded in Hex.


  1. hello
  2. so familliar (as an answer to 'prtcull_3's 12th message)
  3. reminds me
  5. how far weve come
  6. we are the union
  7. who is that (as an answer to Retro's Helper bot)
  8. goodbye
  9. last present for you (warning: loud)
  10. be patient people
  11. canon
  12. Balls (the only message that wasn't encoded)
  13. the great chinese wall


<[hidden]> tf is this
<[hidden]> tf did you do
<[hidden]> [hidden]
<[hidden]> youre fired Private key has been revoked by 0000-0000


(warning: loud)


Sighting summary

They used base64 encoding as well


  3. Hi
  4. Awesome (response to 'prtcull_3's "error" messages)

Imgur images


Sighting summary

They used a combination of Base64 and Base32


  2. They came for me. End of communication.
  3. [16.05]. I know I should not have done this. Yet this is my revenge. Farewell.

Imgur images


Sighting summary

They started a low-quality stream in the voice chat, after which they proceeded to talk to members of the server.


  1. Hello People I Hope You Enjoyed Gameplay I Found
  2. I Have This Jar File
  3. It Has Date 2011
  4. Very Cool (opinion on manul cat)
  5. I Would Send Picture But It Does Not Let Me
  6. 08 - 10 - 2022 ???? (response to the question "what date is now")
  7. Okay
  8. This Jar (screenshot 1)
  9. I Can't Send It It Is Too Large
  10. Too Large It Says
  11. Nah Not Gonna Risk It Actually
  12. Heard Its Like Got My Data Or Something
  13. Heard Something Like That Yeah
  14. I Only Sent Image
  15. Idc (I Don't Care) Legal But I Heard Its Got Personal Data Or Something (response to accusal of NDA violation)
  16. IDK (response to if the jar contains club penguin)
  17. Can I Find Out Like How The Jar File Works ??
  18. I Know Some Java But Like How Do I Open The Code ????
  19. Yes It Lets Me Play But Then Says It Cant Connect To Server Or Something
  20. Okay I Opened This In Some Jar Decompiler And Anyone Know What This Means ? (screenshot 2)
  21. Naah (response to the suggestion to upload the jar to mediafire)
  22. Noone Got Any Idea ?
  23. I Don't Think This Means Anything (screenshot 3)
  24. Haha That Much I Know Too Lmao (response* to Its java that's all I know)
  25. I Find The Launcher (screenshot 4)



As of November 18th, The characters that appeared are credible due to the description of Home referencing a character that was exclusively mentioned in The Dev Raid Incident and Fourthbully hinting the release date of Home.