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dev0 is one of the developers for the 16.05 branch, he is the leader of the dev team.



dev0 is the leader of the development team for the 16.05 branch, he is in charge of keeping the vision of the project in line of what he desires from the project. dev0 seems to not like cosmetic features and insists that everything has to have a purpose, along with making existing features more unique. dev0 is also known to be somewhat secretive with his work, he refused to give out the company name at E3, which promptly cause the project to seemingly get cancelled and the dev team disbanded. (It should also be noted that the other developers seem to also be scared of dev0 after the disbandment of the team, along with some of the team members not knowing about certain details/events that they otherwise should've known about.) dev0 might have also worked on other branches both before and after 16.05 ended.