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The datablocks folder is a folder that is found with the download for Cypress.


The folder contains a decrypter along with 12 encrypted files. It has a total size of 413 MB.

The Decrypter

The decrypter is named dec.exe and it can decrypt .xk files. The program cannot be opened directly. Instead, it must be activated using the steps below.

  1. Open command prompt. Typing cmd in the Windows search bar should work.
  2. Command prompt when it is in the same directory as datablocks
    Navigate to the datablocks directory (or wherever the files are located). This can be done by typing cd <path> into command prompt. The path can by copied and pasted from the file explorer into command prompt.
  3. Decrypting a datablock
    Files can be decrypted by typing dec <key> into command prompt.

Encrypted Files

There are 12 encrypted files, each named in the format dblock-#.xk. Other than dec.exe, there is no known program that can successfully open or decrypt .xk files. Each file requires a specific key to be decrypted correctly.

File Key Type Source
0 a12uBV5oWJi5zYokX2g081zw9k0426g342b6N71g038EZ1UN7CHaZ5hBKJi5q6848xa7zYcdEMnY6idz Plain text Given out by 16.05_0b99-1ac2
1 6shZ60K6F3U5M1gBW1BsMM9hMdLBq402fwQac3ImGer1nQs5xeU2L0Dv7MkRGxul7L3N6Dxngtjh8w7k Plain text Given out by 16.05_0b99-1ac2
2 K25DZTpmqP0M0M6uOnPGT61i1cMfg470I1p154pkD24j39sQ5kYfkV0X62Ecz6alPz5fcZ1shkM58dRf JAR Given out by 16.05_0b99-1ac2
3 8jwBK36GiUr3dV9dB8n6a47594GNQ4AHz1V3p56600750Gy93189Yu4vDhCgfMahmA67q60z01Nu3vgS Plain text Outputted in-game upon typing pass 1604 into the console.
4 Unknown
5 zf9jSIUV2PSk42migC4aIxWOCc3dif9Z6T3bSyVg6TjIxqrzvT5R6OHU8Eg3h6q47k74346KKPE3A04U Image Given out by Andrewidot
6 Unknown
7 N6keYOu6ud41mT76F20x6I6O22j1SMAbFajsP7W5C2yBYT1AEJeF7Gm8f6UGa3t7WSxiEO8SSuDOnPd0 Archive Given out by 16.05_0b99-1ac2
8 6A7W2A0y7517SAZ85EzcJqvP786249tA9Bi20vx73Js4JDLI8d03u81MYjK8RbKfl1fNYh3lm12n7v08 Archive Given out by Andrewidot
9 an83Zg11w781YZ52895JLnN9o64IkQfKrxO63352A20gRoL4XU1vAc0U3Om98arNbLFSji7411jdgnD0 Archive Given out by 16.05_0b99-1ac2
10 Unknown
11 v38sYlOmGZ1CWbx0a9MM98C7c63RD837JOHz68e7c28w95qZhz7SU7042oU7zs9qORhj3PrB68rOQsjl Archive Given out by Liminal