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Dash bar
Blue dash bar from R4

The Dash is a mechanic introduced in Alpha Lilypad. It allows the user to dash in a direction, compensating for the absence of running.


The Dash can be activated by pressing Shift. Once activated, it will multiply your current horizontal velocity by 10 and vertical velocity by 3. In short, its direction depends on which direction you're moving in.

It has a 3 second cooldown, indicated by a bar that shows up. It exists in order for the user to not, for example, launch into a direction over 500 blocks, into unloaded chunks, causing a crash.


  • The Dash bar is generated using the drawGradientRect function in Java, which, as the name suggests, draws a gradient in a rectangle. As such, textures for it do not exist.
    • The colors for the dash bar are all stored as numbers, however can be converted back to hex codes. With the top of the gradient being the first value, they are as follows: 202020, 000000 for the background of the bar, and F200, 2BFF00 for the bar that recharges.