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Consequences is the twenty second video on Minecraft Alpha 1.0.16 Versions YouTube channel.


"Oh, so that's the video you've been telling me about all along. Glad you were able to finally recover it"

"The bans were pitched by [0] after we brought up the issue of testing security on one of our meetings soon after the development cycle of the branch started, and they were much harsher originally - the offending player would be booted out of the testing without a chance of getting back, though, as you see, it became somewhat more lenient"

"[0] still insisted on barring them from normal play, so we had to come up with something. Luckily, [2] and [3] were working on what you know as the Hub at the time, and so the first iteration of it, code and all, was repurposed for a sort of detention area"

"The hub you see in the game? it was the third, maybe fourth version of the feature at large, and it only took a more-or-less hallway-like form from the second design onward, we even used to test them on a private server"

"the doors didn't become a staple until before implementation, however."


  • xorcist6898: Player, whose account is borrowed in the video
  • Vivivern: Other player on LogMeIn Hamachi


  • The OS is Windows 7.
  • xorcist6898's Hamachi room IP address is
  • Hamachi room's name is MineCraftGaming.
  • 0:36: New dimension (identified as server.HubLegacy), where the player remains while banned from online play.
  • 0:36: A label at the top of the screen:
You have been temporarily banned for violating our Online Play Guidelines!
Remaining suspension time: 31 days

Chat log

>> with these new versions it makes at least some sense
<< like, they promised so much in the new update
<< some kind of ash dimension or something
<< and yet noone is talking abouth these weird updates?
<< i mean on the forums
<< wonder if that's tied to that figure me and another guy looked for once
<< btw did they also ban you for a month?
>> wait wait waaaaaaaait
>> they ban people now?
<< I mean not me lmao
<< but they did ban the guy whose account i borrowed for a while
<< because my actual account it not in the tests
<< i mean it doesn't get these new versions
>> huh. Well, this is dumb (the ban i mean)
>> i just hope they bring back that Ghoul mob, he's very fun
>> actually, can you log into the game at all? in like, the launcher
<< let me try actually
>> k 
<< i mean i can
<< but it like
<< puts me into this
<< actually i'll show you later
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