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Cheats are a mechanic added in Alpha Preview, which allows you to spawn in any block or item. The palette is a mechanic introduced in Alpha 13 Lilypad QA, which also allows you to spawn in any block or item (except for the safe block). The console is a mechanic added in Alpha R4 it allows entering various commands by pressing the ~ key.

The Console

To access the console, press the ~ key.

Note: Commands with "Yes" in the "Cheat?" column will require sv_cheats to be set to 1 to work.

mc Commands

Command Default Type Cheat? Help Text
+mc_creatmenu Executable Yes Opens the palette.
mc_creat 0 Integer No Gives immortality, items aren't lost on placement, and items spawned with the pallet are placed directly in your inventory. May cause game crashes on Linux systems. in essence, its pseudo creative.
mc_diff Integer No Sets the difficulty. Setting the difficulty above 4 or below 0 will cause the game to crash when trying to view the game options.
  • 0 - Peaceful
  • 1 - Easy
  • 2 - Normal
  • 3 - Hard
  • 4 - Frail
mc_gencitysize 25 Integer No Unknown, possibly sets the amount of buildings generated in cities.
mc_redl Executable No Unknown, possibly re-downloads resources.
mc_minimap Executable No Opens the minimap.
mc_playmus String No Plays the music track specified. The name used is the file name of the song.
mc_posthint Integer, String No Displays a specified message in a text box for the specified amount of time.
mc_renderdistance Integer No Sets the render distance.
  • 0 - Horizon
  • 1 - Far
  • 2 - Normal
  • 3 - Short
  • 4 - Tiny
  • 5 - Silent Dream
mc_sandlevel Integer No Sets the world to a sand world.
mc_viewbarrier 1 Integer No Changes the visibility of barrier blocks.
mc_winterlevel Integer No Sets the world to a snow world.

sv Commands

Command Default Type Cheat? Help Text
sv_allowrnet 1 Long No Randomly switches recruiter connections. Use Debug Menu or mc_termconn to enable/disable recruiter connections at will.
sv_cheats 0 Integer No Toggles cheats. Despite having sv, which is short for "server" in it's name, it is a client-side command.
sv_leveltime Long Yes Sets the amount of ticks that has passed in the world. The world time also determines one's milestone upon death.

New worlds start with a time of 0.

sv_rainworld 0 Integer Yes Sets the world to a rain world.

r Commands

Command Default Type Cheat? Help Text
r_clouds 1 Integer No Renders clouds.
r_fullscreen 0 Integer No Makes the game fullscreen.
r_mode [The resolution of your window] Integer, Integer No Sets fullscreen resolution. Does not work in windowed mode.
r_nobiome 0 Integer No Disables different colored grass.
r_remodel - Executable No Reloads all chunks.
r_texfilter 0 Integer No Renders textures using anti-aliasing.
r_texfx 1 Integer No Enables the animation of FX textures.

Miscellaneous Commands

Command Default Type Cheat? Help Text
+frrn_reset Executable No Resets a Freerun course.
+frrn_lastcheckpoint Executable No Teleports the player to their current checkpoint in a Freerun course.
+worldedit_accept Executable No Accepts the currently selected World Edit option.
+worldedit_setpos1 Executable No Sets the first corner point of a selection cuboid for World Edit.
+worldedit_setpos2 Executable No Sets the second corner point of a selection cuboid for World Edit.
bind Integer, String No Binds a specified command to a specified key. For more information, see bind.
blockinfo Executable No Outputs the ID and coordinates of the block the player is looking at.
cg_fovmod 0.5 Float No Changes the FOV.
con_refresh Executable No Unknown, possibly reloads some console-related data.
connect String No Does nothing.
disconnect Executable No Disconnects the player from the current world.
fly 0 Executable Yes Toggles flight.
frrn_savedemo Executable No Saves a demo in Freerun mode. Does not work in any other gamemode.

The file is saved to the .minecraft folder with the name freeerundemo-_freerun_WorldFreerun#-day-month-year@hour-minute-second.mcdem.

gui_versionstring Minecraft Alpha v1.0.16.05_20 Cypress String No Sets the version string.
impulse Integer Yes Spawns various things, depending of the number inputted. Some impulse values from Source do not work for this command.
  • 102 - Spawns 4 skeletons at the player's location.
  • 300 - Spawns a recruiter near the player.
  • 320 - Spawns an invisible entity.
  • 400 - Spawns a small green cat above the player.
  • 3900 - Gives the player all unlockable Visuals.
invclear Executable No Clears the inventory.
map String No Switches to the world specified. If no world is found, a new world with the name specified is generated. In order for a generated world to appear in the world menu, the world has to be named "World#", e.g. "World2" or "World4".
mat_fullbright 0 Integer No Forces nearby chunks to render with no lighting.
name String No Changes the name of the player.
noclip 0 Executable Yes Toggles noclip. Pressing the jump key fly you upwards. Starting noclip while mid-air will prevent you from flying.
pass Integer No Displays a message depending on the number inputted.
  • 1 - Welcome back, dear friend
  • 7 - Is the number
  • 9 - Wrong place, Raven.
  • 77 - You won't find the candles here
  • 1604 - 3:8jWBk36GiUr3dV9dB8n6a47594GNQ4AHz1V3p5660O75oGy93l89Yu4vDhCgfMahmA67q60z01Nu3vgS
  • 1605 -

I guess this can be called an easter egg.
This was our first foray into working with a somewhat popular property
The prior branches, they were cut just because they weren't high enough quality
or too drastic a change.
The workflow was surely quite different, But i can't really complain
I'm glad this branch is as is.
It was our magnum opus.

  • 1986 - It's dangerous to go alone!
  • 1993 - Lamp Oil? Rope? Bombs? We don't have that.
  • 2011 - Wrong password screen, Zachary
  • 810116 - Help what with?

Other numbers have no effect.

placeonme Executable No Places a stone block next to the player's head.
playdemo Executable No Spawns in a player to play the most recent demo.
playdemofile String No Spawns in a player to play the specified demo.
record Executable No Starts recording a demo.
savedemo String No Saves a demo with the specified name. File is saved as a plain text file with no file extension in the .minecraft folder.
stopdemo Executable No Stops recording a demo.
sysexec Executable command. Currently locked String No Used to be the java sysexec command, but was disabled on the release. If you add sysexec_unlock in your autoexec.cfg file the default value changes to Executable command. WARNING: This command may be dangerous! But, the command will still not work.
title+ String No Adds the string specified to the end of the window title.
unbind Integer No Unbinds the specified key from its command.
zm_givepoints Integer Yes Adds the specified number of points to the player's score in zombies mode. Negative values deduct points from the player's score, unless the resulting score is less than 0, in which case the score will remain unchanged.

Server Commands

These commands must be typed in chat, which can only be accessed on multiplayer servers. All commands, except for /spawn, require operator status to use.

Command Arguments Help Text
/? Shows the help message.
/amoung Sends among us ASCII art in the log.
/ban <player> Bans a player from the server.
/ban-ip <ip> Bans a player's IP address from the server.
/deop <player> Removes operator status from a player.
/give <player> <id> [num] Gives a player a resource.
/help Shows the help message.
/kick <player> Removes a player from the server.
/list Lists all currently connected players.
/op <player> Gives a player operator status.
/pardon <player> Unbans a player.
/pardon-ip <player> Unbans a player's IP address.
/playmus <song> Plays the specified song.
  • desambrier - Desambrier
  • downbeat_uplink - Downbeat Uplink
  • hidden_den - Hidden Den
  • Juhry - Juhry
  • K2 - K2
  • lemuria - Lemuria
  • mainmenu - Main Menu
  • norway - Norway
  • sadway - Sadway
  • sandcastles - Sandcastles

Other strings have no effect.

/save-all Forces a server-wide level save.
/save-off Disables terrain saving, which can be useful for backup scripts.
/save-on Re-enables terrain saving.
/say <message> Broadcasts a message to all players.
/spawn Teleports the player back to spawn.
/stop Stops a server.
/sysmsg <message> Broadcasts a message to all players in a message box.
/tell <player> <message> Sends a private message to a player.
/time <time> Sets the level time in ticks.
/tp <player1> <player2> Moves one player to the same location as another player.

Hidden Commands

These commands are not listed in the console.

Command Default Type Cheat? Help Text
gpu [Your GPU name] String No Sets the GPU name in the window title.
INTERLOPE Executable No Crashes the game by trying to connect to
mason Executable No Crashes the game by trying to find numeric definition.
mc_termconn 0 Integer No Disables and enables recruiter connections.
perfclass 0 Integer No Sets the minimum delay between frames, causing fake lag. Setting this value too high may lead to crashes.
summon_spaceman Executable No Summons an Amogus mob where the player is standing.
summon_spacemen Integer No Summons a specified amount of amoguses where the player is standing. Setting this value too high may lead to irrepairable damage done to a world, extreme lag, and even crashes.
summon_spearmaster Executable No Summons a spearmaster mob where the player is standing.
sysexec_unlock Executable No Unlocks the sysexec command. Doesn't function if typed ingame, only works if entered in the autoexec.cfg file.

The Palette

The palette's GUI.

Pressing "V" opens the palette. The palette has a list of every block and item (except for the safe block), sorted in order of their IDs. The palette is in both Lilypad QA and Cypress. Cheats must be enabled in order to use the palette in Cypress.

There are two categories, items and blocks. Clicking an item drops a single item, while clicking a block drops a stack of said block.

Numpad Cheats

Note: Numpad cheats can easily be spammed, which can lead to lag and crashes.

Numpad cheats, sometimes called "chat cheats" or just "cheats" are a more primitive way of spawning in items. Numpad cheats are in every playable version of AlphaVer except Cypress. To activate cheats in Alpha Unr.Preview2, enter 2259403-191299 before entering the access code.
To use cheats, you have to:

  1. Open a menu, such as the chat, inventory, or pause menus
  2. Enter the ID of the block or item you want using the number keys on the numpad, note that entering an ID using the standard number keys will not work.
  3. Press the + button on the numpad to create the block or item with the ID you have inputted.
    • If you made an error or want to enter a new ID, press the - on the numpad to clear the inputted ID.
    • If an inputted ID exceeds does not correspond to any block or item, the text (INVALID) will display under it.
    • If an inputted ID exceeds the 32-bit integer limit (2,147,483,647), then the text (ERROR) will be displayed under the ID.

Debug Menu

Main article: Debug Menu

Debug Menu.

The Debug Menu is a feature from Alpha R4. It's a debugging tool, allowing you to toggle various options. It can be accessed in Alpha Cypress by pressing f12, insert, scroll lock, and pause break in the same frame.

World Edit

Main article: World Edit

A screenshot of World Edit's GUI in Alpha Cypress.

World Edit is a feature that allows you to modify large portions of your world easily. It was inspired by a Bukkit plugin of the same name and was probably used to create Freerun and Zombies maps.