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Books are items that tell the lore of the 16.05 features, such as low rivers and cities.



Hours Long Past I and II can be found in Underwater Dungeon chests.
Hours Long Past III and IV can be found in City chests.


The One True Book can be crafted from the other 4 books with the following shaped recipe. All other books cannot be crafted.


Books can also be obtained with cheats or the palette.


You can read books by right clicking them. The contents of these books are as follows:

Hours Long Past I

Centuries upon Centuries ago, the world was nothing but shallow tidal pools and rock. Simple beings dwelled within - And were content in their ever so temperate Paradise.

Hours Long Past II

Then, in a darkness so bright it blinded all who saw it - the world changed. What once was its surface now lay deep below smothered by ever-young stone and with skies bleeding light far above. The world changed in an instant. A vast new unknown.

Hours Long Past III

Cities of stone and glass wrought as a mindless fascimile of an unknowable land. Cubes of steel forged from ancient beasts littering seas. Under the sun - and the newborn blood-stars - a new world rests, pristine, without history.

Hours Long Past IV

But far down below, the Old World still lives. Flowers bloom with a light stolen from them so long ago Moss and fungi grow as trees - just like they would before. And they will, too, be seen again one day.

The One True Book

In the end, this world was for you, and when you shall turn away It will remember. Its past. Your present. And both will rest, knowing that they will inspire each other carrying pieces further forth. So that all shall be well, and all matter of thing shall be well, in the end. Against all odds, just you wait.


16.05 branch
Alpha Cypress Added books.
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