Ash Dimension

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The Ash Dimension is a dimension found in the 16.05 branch of Minecraft Alpha, it serves as the world where suspended accounts are resided during suspension times.


The Ash Dimension is an Overworld variant, with ash-like textures replacing everything (these being commonly referred to as Ash Blocks).

How to get there

The player must be banned from Online Play either temporarily or permamently. After the player was banned, the player cannot enter other worlds and is stuck in this dimension. Waiting out a temporary ban will presumably take you to the Hub or the Alternative Hub, depending on your version.

In Alpha Cypress, there is a ban system in place, although not many people are on the banlist.

Entering the Ash Dimension without being a banned user can be done by using the following launch argument:


Removed or Scrapped Entities

In Consequences, someone said that there is a Ghoul Mob that will spawn in the Ash Dimension, but the devs decided to scrap it for unknown reasons.