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The Alternative Hub is the place where unbanned players go when they rejoin Minecraft Alpha


Block Image Block Generation
Quad Windows Generates 2 blocks above the floor, in the wall. Also at 0:37 seconds in Attachment b849.avi, they appear in big windows of 10 blocks
Hub Floor Generates on the floor
Hub Bricks Generates on the walls
Gem Logs Spawns in big rooms with Blue Flame blocks like a tree
Blue Flame Used in gem trees and as decoration
Infused Flowers Used for decoration in medium or big rooms, also appear on stairs, normally they are blue or yellow in this hub type
Greenscreen Used on stairs on the hub


16.05 branch
Alpha Players can now be banned temporarily or permanently
Alpha First register of a banned player, in the Version 6 video
Banned Players now go to the Ash Dimension
Alpha Added Alternative Hub
When a player has a temporary ban and the ban ends, or the player gets unbanned, they get sent to the Alternative Hub.





  • At least on this moment, there isn't a way to leave the Alternative Hub.
  • The Alternative Hub is known by being a test version of the hub, added in Version 10, in other words, Alpha is a test for Version 10