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If you want to play Lilypad QA, check out how to here.

Note before playing: A username exploit[1] was found in vanilla Lilypad. It is advised to use a modified version of Lilypad where that and some other exploits/glitches are fixed (for example, LilypadClient or Rosepad) when playing on multiplayer servers.

Alpha 13 Lilypad QA

Alpha Lilypad QA (Quality Assurance build) is the third playable version of the 16.05 branch and one of Lilypad builds.



To play this version, you'll need to generate a QA code at Exalpha-dev. This code impacts the watermark username in-game.


Now all your gameplay is accompanied by a watermark QA BUILD: <username>. The <username> changes according to the string you generated your QA code with.


Cheats is a feature that allows the player to get any item/block in the game by typing it's ID on the numpad. To give yourself a stack of the item, press '+' on the numpad. To reset the input field, press '-' on the numpad.

Another way for the player to use the cheats feature, is by pressing "V" on the keyboard, This will open a cheat palette, where the player can get items.

However, some items like Safe Block are unobtainable via palette.

Frail difficulty

A new difficulty, in which there is no “hunger” bar, but you die if you receive any damage.


If you died at least once, you might've noticed that instead of Score, you now have Milestones. Milestones basically indicate how many days you've survived. In the Frail difficulty, once you reach Milestone 10 without dying, it will display a code for the Safe block in the top left corner. In a multiplayer game, it will display a different one for each player.


A new block with ID 120, which prompts an input on interaction.

After inputting codes you will get passwords to PH1.rar (ab99d76f9a4c41a0f3591b122bbc985c) and PH2.rar (c74329a1eef811c3affedba7645099d10c0f6441b78f73a893ccb405abe319ab).


The dash bar.

If you press Shift, your character will dash in the direction it's moving in. It has a cooldown of 3 seconds, and it allows you to make higher jumps, as well as jump over several blocks at once.

It's not recommended to dash on Frail difficulty, as you'll die of fall damage.


Hunger is a mechanic in Preview2 and Lilypad QA, which damages you over time. Once the yellow bar is empty, you will take half a heart of damage. The amount you take is quickly regenerated if you're playing on Peaceful difficulty.

You cannot refill the meter by eating.


Giants are a boss mob added in Lilypad, and are currently the only boss mob. They are distinct from the unused giants in vanilla. They are colossal zombie-like figures, with large amounts of health and attack power. Defeating giants gives rare loot not obtainable elsewhere.

Included files


FIle comment:

"This is [RD]"
"I swear to god, this is [RD]"
"The version code is different, but this is what we knew as [RD]"

"This is where we took the features from"
"to implement into 16.05"

"Why does it say 04 though?"
"What the hell is this"


Link to the video ????.



"You can't tell me none of you have noticed it.

The weird buildings people have been posting on the internet?
There are not many of these posts, but they all seem consistent
on top of that, we may have a record of the very thing happening in our own branch,
if we can even call it that.

Is [0] behind this too?"

"What the hell"


created 2021-2022

Thank you to everyone involved, incl. playtesters
- from lead dev


ID List

ID Item Name
1 Stone
2 Grass
3 Dirt
4 Cobblestone
5 Planks
6 Sapling
7 Bedrock
8 Flowing Water
9 Still Water
10 Flowing Lava
11 Still Lava
12 Sand
13 Gravel
14 Gold Ore
15 Iron Ore
16 Coal Ore
17 Wood
18 Leaves
19 Sponge
20 Glass
35 Wool
37 Blue Dandelion
38 Silver Rose
39 Purple Mushroom
40 Red Mushroom
41 Block of Gold
42 Block of Iron
43 Double Stone Slab
44 Stone Slab
45 Gray Bricks
46 TNT
47 Bookshelves
48 Mossy Cobblestone
49 Obsidian
50 Torch
51 Fire
52 Monster Spawner (Pig)
53 Wooden Stairs
54 Chest
55 Greenstone Dust (Cross)
56 Diamond Ore
57 Block of Diamond
58 Crafting Table
59 Wheat Crops
60 Farmland
61 Furnace
62 Burning Furnace
63 Standing Sign
64 Wooden Door (Block)
65 Ladder
66 Rail
67 Cobblestone Stairs
68 Mounted Sign
69 Lever
70 Stone Pressure Plate
71 Iron Door (Block)
72 Wooden Pressure Plate
73 Greenstone Ore
74 Greenstone Ore (Glowing)
75 Greenstone Torch (Unlit)
76 Greenstone Torch (Lit)
77 Stone Button
78 Snow
79 Ice
80 Snow Block
81 Cactus
82 Clay
83 Sugar Cane Reeds
84 Jukebox
85 Wood Fence
90 Quad Windows
91 Wooden Pillar
92 Stone Scaffold
93 X-Ray Scaffold
94 Scaffold
95 Tiles
96 Hub Wall
97 DEBUG Block
98 Blue Tile
99 Yellow Tile
100 Fake Grass
101 Cyan Mojang Block
102 Grey Mojang Block
103 Green Mojang Block
104 Barrier Block
105 Stair Ladder
106 Fake Dirt
107 Fake Stone
108 Fake Sand
109 Magenta Wool
110 Blue Wool
111 Lime Wool
112 Black Wool
113 Debug 2D
114 Salt block
115 Flower
116 Blue Flame
117 Infused flower
118 Golden Infused flower
119 Obsidian Infused flower
120 Safe block
256 Iron Shovel
257 Iron Pickaxe
258 Iron Axe
259 Flint And Steel
260 Apple
261 Bow
262 Arrow
263 Coal
264 Diamond
265 Iron Ingot
266 Gold Ingot
267 Iron Sword
268 Wooden Sword
269 Wooden Shovel
270 Wooden Pickaxe
271 Wooden Axe
272 Stone Sword
273 Stone Shovel
274 Stone Pickaxe
275 Stone Axe
276 Diamond Sword
277 Diamond Shovel
278 Diamond Pickaxe
279 Diamond Axe
280 Stick
281 Bowl
282 Mushroom Stew
283 Golden Sword
284 Golden Shovel
285 Golden Pickaxe
286 Golden Axe
287 String
288 Feather
289 Gunpowder
290 Wooden Hoe
291 Stone Hoe
292 Iron Hoe
293 Diamond Hoe
294 Golden Hoe
295 Seeds
296 Wheat
297 Bread
298 Leather Helmet
299 Leather Tunic
300 Leather Pants
301 Leather Boots
302 Chainmail Helmet
303 Chainmail Chestplate
304 Chainmail Leggings
305 Chainmail Boots
306 Iron Helmet
307 Iron Chestplate
308 Iron Leggings
309 Iron Boots
310 Diamond Helmet
311 Diamond Chestplate
312 Diamond Leggings
313 Diamond Boots
314 Golden Helmet
315 Golden Chestplate
316 Golden Leggings
317 Golden Boots
318 Flint
319 Raw Porkchop
320 Cooked Porkchop
321 Painting
322 Golden Apple
323 Sign
324 Wooden Door
325 Bucket
326 Bucket of Water
327 Bucket of Lava
328 Minecart
329 Saddle
330 Iron Door
331 Greenstone Dust
332 Snowball
333 Boat
334 Leather
335 Bucket of Milk
336 Brick
337 Clay Ball
338 Sugar Cane
339 Paper
340 Book
341 Slimeball
342 Minecart with Chest
343 Minecart with Furnace
344 Egg
345 Compass
346 Obsidian Helmet
347 Obsidian Chestplate
348 Obsidian Leggings
349 Obsidian Boots
350 Obsidian Sword
351 Obsidian Shovel
352 Obsidian Pickaxe
353 Obsidian Axe
354 Obsidian Hoe
355 Obsidian Ingot
356 Gray Dye
357 Green Dye
358 Blue Dye
359 Magenta Dye
360 Fryshroom
361 Edible fire
362 Flameberge
2256 Music Disc (Hidden Den)
2257 Music Disc (Lemuria)


  • There exists an older version of Lilypad QA, but a new version was created to prevent people from spamming AlphaVer gamerunners' email.
  • The link to Lilypad QA was removed from the Discovered's description on April 5th, 2024 by YouTube.


  1. Connecting to a server with a relative UNIX filesystem path as a username modifies the location of the playerdata file in the server directory.
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