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A tree of AlphaVer versions in approximate order.

AlphaVer is comprised of many branches all stemming from the original 1.0.16_02 release of Minecraft. From here, parallel developments clearly took place - with three separate forked versions distinct from Mojang's Minecraft.

There is a current lack of knowledge related to the 16.04 and 16.06 branches, and so far only snippets of information relating to them have been recovered - as such, it is impossible to gauge their scale.

It is unknown if a 16.03 branch exists.

While footage exists of 16.04 per ???? (with an additional sighting in a low-quality image at the end of Discovered), no physical evidence of 16.06 has currently presented itself.

16.04 Branch

Little is known about 16.04, though per attachment_b849.avi it is stated that this version was combined with the more well-known 16.05 branch to create R4 (footage of which can also be found in the aforementioned upload).

16.04 Branch Versions

16.05 Branch

By far the branch with the most information having surfaced, nearly every known recording has footage or screenshots of this build across a variety of versions. It can be inferred - though not necessarily proven - that due to the massive amount of available info on these builds that the 16.05 was the primary focus of the development team.

16.05 Branch Versions

Current timeline of 16.05 versions.

Unspecified 16.05 Branch Versions

Versions of 16.05 which as of now remain unsorted, due to lack of information.

16.06 Branch

Like 16.04, not much has surfaced regarding this version. attachment_b849.avi states that work began on 16.06 with an entirely new development team, following the disbandment of the 16.05 team.

No footage or screenshots regarding 16.06 currently exist.

16.06 Branch Versions

  • Alpha
AlphaVer Versions
Main branch Alpha 1.0.16_02 • Alpha 1.0.17
16.04 Branch Alpha
16.05 Branch Alpha • Alpha • Alpha • Alpha • Alpha • Alpha • Alpha • Alpha • Alpha • Alpha Lilypad • Alpha • Alpha R3 • Alpha R4 • Alpha Cypress
16.06 Branch <none yet>
Playable versions Alpha Preview • Alpha Unr.Preview2 • Alpha Lilypad QA • Alpha Cypress
Unknown versions 16.05 [DEV build] • Alpha • Alpha R4