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Q: What is 16.05?
A: 16.05 is an official total conversion modification of Minecraft Alpha 1.0_16.05. It is where ideas that don't get implemented into the main branch end up.

16.05 Branch was a set of versions which were attempting to implement features of [RD] into Minecraft. The development team consisted of 7 main developers and a freelancer.


The 16.05 versions branched off somewhere around August of 2010[1]. A team of 7 developers, under the guidance of [0] started to transfer features from Alpha (which they believed was [RD]) to the main branch's codebase. They paid Mojang to avoid copyright problems and get access to the authentification system[2].

In order to find playtesters for the closed branch, the Recruitment program was started. A modified Alpha 1.0.16_02 client was developed to allow recruiters to connect to players' singleplayer worlds and accept them into the closed testing. The players wouldn't know that they have been accepted into the tests, the new versions would seem to be normal Minecraft updates for them.

In September of 2010, circa Alpha's release, when multiplayer was first introduced, a big leak of Alpha copies happened[3] which lead to a massive account suspension[4]. During that time the developers start working on a feature that is directly inspired by the capabilities of the recruitment client - the Hub[5].

During the development of the last version of the branch[6] - Alpha Lilypad - the development team decides to show the project at E3[7] using one of the player's worlds. The recording is interrupted by the world's owner and the idea of an E3 showcase is scrapped.


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